• Kingkong06

    CPYS is coming back!

    January 10, 2014 by Kingkong06

    Hello Everyone! I'm Kingkong06 and I was part of the CPYS staff, a few days ago I was rehired by Mustafa and Hucci, Old Super Mods and now Admins for the second version of CPYS .

    We are starting Beta Test really soon, so if you want to beta test, donate here to be a tester.

    I hope to see you all once we re-release!


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  • Khantar07

    Português: Saudações, colegas pinguins! Eu sei que existem alguns editores portugueses aqui. E eu sei que uma pessoa não pode rapidamente dominar uma língua. É por isso que eu tenho planejado para criar um wiki Português de CPYS só assim você pode editar! Atualmente estou transferindo alguns dos dados para o Português por isso vai demorar mais tempo, mas não se preocupe! Vou informá-lo o mais breve possível!

    Upcoming CPYS Portuguese Wiki! English: Greetings, fellow penguins! I know there are some Portuguese editors here. And I know that a person can't quickly master a language. So that's why I have planned to create a Portuguese wiki of CPYS just so you can edit! I'm currently transferring some of the data into the Portuguese so it'll take l…

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  • Bearjedi


    July 18, 2013 by Bearjedi


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  • Davi Santos

    hoje vou mostrar como ser famoso e vou falar uns codigos para conseguir roupas maneiras no Atlantic Penguin no e para isso devemos procurar na internet um site de códigos vamos lá :)Primeiro vá no google ou qualquer lugar procure assim codigos de roupas de famosos e depois codigos de roupas maneiras para atlantic penguin e continue procurando ... continuando vou falar alguns codigos pra vcs :  Cece codes da ropa da CeCe: 1459=Cabelo 3131=colar 4691=blusa 5169=pulseira 6128=tenis  Rocky: codes da ropa da Rocky: 1458=cabelo 3130=colar 4690=blusa 5163=pulseira 6127=tenis      TP codes de ropa da TP: 1384=cabelo4555=blusa. E para virar famosos no e no Atlantic penguin : !up sensei: para virar o sensei!up ph:para virar a treinadora de p…

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  • ...Agente Y2...

    en las

    June 26, 2013 by ...Agente Y2...

    entren en pokemmo y visitenme

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  • Toto1000

    I am new

    April 27, 2013 by Toto1000

    hi I'm new on this wiki i am English I am registered on cpys since October 2012 I like apple pie a picture of my penguin on cpys:soon my regular server is glacial and skyfall

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  • Twiximan


    April 17, 2013 by Twiximan

    Please make sure when you make a page or edit, USE GOOD GRAMMAR. Don't Talk Like This It Gets Really Annoying. ._.

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  • Twiximan

    Clans Banned

    April 15, 2013 by Twiximan

    Remember, clans are banned.

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  • LionStarStormClan


    April 7, 2013 by LionStarStormClan

    There's a new clan on CPYS!! Stormclan!! Stormclan was created by StarMeowstar. Her cat name is LionStar.

    We Currently Need more Warriors , at least one apprentice , a queen and kits , or elders.

    Here is the clan V

    Leader : LionStar - Starmeowstar

    Deputy : HollyFur  - 33Crystal

    Medicine cat : ???

    Warriors : ???

    Apprentices : ???

    Queens : ???

    Kits : ???

    Elders : ???

    If you wanna join go to !jr 860 and ask. then we will add your name to this list ^.^ Our territory is 859 , 860 , 861 and the shark iceberg place :P

    P.S. : if you want to quit the clan tell starmeowstar so she can take your name off the list.

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  • Khantar07

    Welcome guys! I recently made my two new blog sites: one is for Club Penguin wallpapers and the other is CPYS updates! Just visit them by clicking the links below. Thanks!

    Free Club Penguin Wallpapers made by me:
    Khantar07's Official Club Penguin Wallpapers

    CPYS Cheats Blog:
    CPYS Cheats Blog

    Oh and if you want to beta test Card-Jitsu Snow, just go to this link and make sure you still have your CP account. If not, you can always make a penguin!













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