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CPYS was a place where 11 year olds became with other 11 year olds and some 16 year old also played it. Avalanche is where horny tweens went and the non swearing server that went over 4000 different name changes was filled with hoes that would scream if you said gay.

CPYS TimelineEdit

Something New (2011)Edit

Originally CPYS was on fucking and was a place hwere fags came together.

New Beginnings (2012)Edit

On May 21st, 2012, Tooly made an announcement via twitter  stating that CPYS is once again back up and running. It didn't take long before it regained all of its users, and immediately was overflowing with horny users from AeroCP

CPYS 2 (2014)Edit

On January 10, 2014, people could not fucking let a club penguin game go and held up their saggy man tits as they tried to remake it and take credit for some shit they didnt own. Good shit, faggots.


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