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CPYS is an amazing world where you can chat with friends from everywhere. It's a  Club Penguin Private Server started by Tooly and Coolboy. It was first released in 2011, but then went down for personal reasons. It resurrected in June of 2012, and is still soaring to new heights. It's been shakey, but it's being good. It stands for Club Penguin Your Server.

It is the predecessor of CPYS 2.

CPYS TimelineEdit

Something New (2011)Edit

Originally CPYS was a popular cheat site called CPCheatsCP. CPYS first started in 2011, created by the famous Tooly228. It was extremely tiny, and didn't see to have any potential. This was during a time when Club Penguin V, made by Ray Toolbear, was huge and insurmountable. CPPSHQ took notice, because of the surplus of creative custom items. There were also plenty of custom rooms, made mostly by NinjaPotato (a.k.a. Sleet). No one is really sure why it went down, but everyone was sad.

New Beginnings (2012)Edit

On May 21st, 2012, Tooly made an announcement via twitter  stating that CPYS is once again back up and running. It didn't take long before it regained all of its users, and immediately gave competition to all of the other CPPS's. A solid staff was beginning to take form, but Coolboy, the co-founder of CPYS was fired because of in-activity. The designers came up with great party ideas, and everyone enjoyed them. CPYS was in the final three for top CPPS of the year according to CPPSHQ . CPYS is also one of the safest private servers ever.

CPYS 2 (2014)Edit

On January 10, 2014, it was officially announced on Wikia that CPYS will return and will be back up soon. A donation beta was opened for those who want to beta test the new CPYS. In the late May 2014, it was revealed that the private server will be renamed as CPYSv2 or CPYS 2. Not much is known about the comeback of the private except for the new staff of CPYS 2.


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