CPYS Alpha Party

Members only No
When April 23, 2017
Previous Party Music Jam 2013
Next Party TBA
Free Item(s) CPYS Alpha Hat
Where The Town
Mascot(s)  ?
The CPYS Alpha Test Party was the first ever party for CPYS since 2013 and occured to test out multiple bugs, glitches, and errors. The party occured on April 23, 2017 from 12:00pm to 2:53pm EST.

Twix announced the game was opening for three hours and that every player from the CPYS Discord chat was invited to become an alpha tester and to join the game during the party's given hours. The only room decorated was the Town and a special CPYS Alpha Hat was given out to all alpha testers. Other events during the given hours included trivia and fashion shows as well as a reunion of multiple CPYS veterans, staff, and players.

Twix has also stated a possible second Alpha Test Party may occur in the upcoming weeks.

Free ItemsEdit

Image Item
CPYS Alpha Hat
CPYS Alpha Hat