A staff member is a person who is apart of the CPYS team that may contribute to the maintenance, creative, artistic, and structural part of the game or help protect it from players who may break the rules.

Staff members include Administrators, Super Moderators, regular Moderators for English and Spanish servers, and Designers. Each category may have a leader or other designated title such as Project Manager or Mod Leader. They have more rights and powers than regular players have access to which includes but is not limited to kicking, banning, muting, and cloning.

Current 2017 Staff Members

List of 2012-13 Staff Members

  • Tooly (Owner and Administrator)
  • Tybone10 (Administrator)
  • Chai (Administrator)
  • Twix (Administrator)
  • Pets496 (Project Manager, Administrator and Designer)
  • Manny (Administrator and Designer)
  • Cataroni1 (Administrator and Super Mod Leader)
  • Hammy (Administrator)
  • Dinammar (Super Moderator)
  • Distrocktiv (Super Moderator)
  • Hucci (Super Moderator and Designer)
  • Zurge (Super Moderator and Designer)
  • Neoex (Super Moderator)
  • Foshizzel (Super Moderator)
  • Mustafa (Super Moderator)
  • Ninjapotato/Sleet/Kangaroo (Moderator)
  • Ryan (Moderator)
  • Matthew (Moderator)
  • Andrew0167 (Moderator)
  • Austin4606 (Moderator)
  • Arceus4253 (Moderator)
  • Spongey253 (Moderator)
  • Joshiscool (Moderator)
  • Kingkong06 (Spanish Super Moderator)
  • Snowyx3 (Spanish Moderator)
  • Blizzard (Designer)
  • Bradyman6 (Designer)
  • Poonchee (Designer)

List of 2011 Staff Members

  • Tooly228 (Owner & Administrator)
  • Coolboy714 (Owner & Administrator)
  • Foshizzel (Moderator)
  • Twix (Moderator)
  • Aquanna (Moderator)
  • Sled (Moderator)
  • Ninjapotato/Sleet/Kangaroo (Moderator)
  • Austin4606 (Moderator)

Staff Member Gallery