Spongey, sometimes referred to as Spongey253 is a "famous" CPYS veteran player that was fairly well known throughout the community that joined in June 2012. Spongey is best known for making people laugh, helping them out, and making them feel welcome on CPYS. Spongey's former CPYS ID was 32655.

Spongey was also a test moderator on the game from January 23, 2013 at 10:05pm to February 2, 2013. He was fired due to "unknown reasons".

Due to the closure of CPYS in 2013, Spongey became less active in the community. When CPYSv2 opened in the summer of 2014, Spongey rejoined the community and became slightly more active. When that later closed, Spongey was very unactive, but currently rejoined the Twitter community as of 2017 and is working with Twix as a designer for the new 2017 version of CPYS.

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