NOTE: Clans are banned.

There's a new clan on CPYS!! Stormclan!! Stormclan was created by StarMeowstar. Her cat name is LionStar.

We Currently Need more Warriors , at least one apprentice , a queen and kits , or elders.

Here is the clan V

Leader : LionStar - Starmeowstar

Deputy : HollyFur  - 33Crystal

Medicine cat : ???

Warriors : ???

Apprentices : ???

Queens : ???

Kits : ???

Elders : ???

If you wanna join go to !jr 860 and ask. then we will add your name to this list ^.^ Our territory is 859 , 860 , 861 and the shark iceberg place :P

P.S. : if you want to quit the clan tell starmeowstar so she can take your name off the list.

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